Services we offers in power sectors

We as a Company don’t believe in Owner-Vendor relationship, we own the project whether it’s a small project or big project and complete it like its own project. After completing the project, we are there for any kind of problem if you will face during run the plant/equipment. So rest assure about After Sales-Service Activity also.

1. Solution in Solar Service Side 

A) Panel Cleaning ROBOT:

“Water-Free” Cleaning ROBOT for Panels which is tested and commissioned in China very successfully. We were on this project for more then 1-2 years and now we are ready for International market.

Few quick great features;

– Water-free

– No effect on Climatic conditions

– Can run at any geographical locations ( Dusty, Sea-shore, Snow-fall area )

– Can run very well at temp range from -350C to +600C.

– No Human interference after setting the software and time.

– Auto adjust in variation in Array angel ( now its 160 and we are trying to reach 200).

As per our experience we think with our ROBOT, the plant power generation can be increased by min +5%.

B) Power Plant Management Software:

This software is having great use during operation of the plant.

Its having two level of reporting;

– one is for Owner/Developer and

– second level for Site In-charge.

Site In-charge can analyse the plant operation on real time basis and can see the ongoing issue with any particular equipment and also direct that issue to his Subordinate for rectification. He can also how much any particular issue has taken by that person and whether its resolve within time to delayed.

As per our experience we think with this software the plant power generation can be increased by 7%-10% with human interference.

C) Panoramic Camera : 

This camera is specially design for big solar form where its very difficult to manage/monitor the plant during Installation or operation. This can cover almost 100 acres and having facility of Zoom-in and Zoom-out with recording.

So less no of Security guards required for Solar form. Camera is having light weight, easy to move and we can even adjust the height of the camera.

Scroll down to see videos and download catalog file.

2. System Integrator
We could play a role of a System Integrator if you are likely to purchase all equipment from your own and looking for assistance for System Integration.

3. Assistance in procurement ( Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics ) :
Mechanical / Electrical /Electronics / Steel Structure, etc. Though we are not manufacturer of any type of equipment but have access to all reputed OEM’s so that we could assist our clients to get a best deal compare to others.




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